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We are the preferred domestic, international, and EBay shippers for John Nicholson.  We pick up, process, pack, and ship a wide range of items from their auctions.

We ship almost anything, and have processed everything from antique books, rare “masters” paintings. sculptures, and a wide range of art. We handle all the customs paperwork and are experts in getting rare art shipped into China. Our expertise is renowned around the world…

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From Collection to Shipment in only 3 days!
We Now Offer Insurance On Valuable Shipments!
When you call us, be sure to be ready to tell us:

  • date of the sale you bought your items
  • individual lot numbers of what you bought
  • your name and contact details, especially email and phone #
  • address you want your items shipped to
  • size of the items you bought, if you know it

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