Essential Address: Great American Customer Service

Our Focus

The Best Customer Service in the UK
Auction House Shipping

We have packed and shipped over 2,500 items bought at auction in the UK, We await serving you

Walk-in FedEx Shipping

Ship anything FedEx ships from our premises in Frimley

Graphic Services

We have a top-of-the-line Canon printing system, anything A4/A3, print right from your iPhone


Make this your UK address, physical and virtual mailboxes

About US

Providing the Best High St. Customer Service in the UK
Giving you the services you need locally

Today there is no such thing as home life or work life or community life, it's just life... We deliver local access to the things you need to support your life. Need that one-off thing sent? We do it... Need that boarding pass printed, or that email from your iPhone, or anything else printed? We dot it... We are Americans and bring with us the traditions of customer service that we are famous for. We pack every shipment to maximise safety and minimise size (cost)... Everything we ship is watched and tracked until it is signed for when it gets there...

  • Auction House Shipping

    We pickup from the largest Surrey Antique Houses and ship around the world

  • Walk-in Shipping

    We are in the top 5 UK shippers for FedEx, we get the job done...

  • walk-in printing

    print from files, iPhones, or scanning to email

  • Accomodation Addresses

    Make this your local address, all sorts of address services, call us to find out more


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